Ecotierra closes USD 10.8 million investment in RSCF-supported Kuska agroforestry project in Peru

The Restoration Seed Capital Facility is proud to announce that Ecotierra’s Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund has successfully closed an investment of USD 10.8 million in Peru, with the Facility’s support.

RSCF provided project development support in the form of reimbursable grants, notably to enable Ecotierra to achieve strengthened environmental and social outcomes for this investment. The project implements an innovative model of mixed revenues by rehabilitating old coffee plantations on degraded land, using sustainable agroforestry systems. 

The project will lead to over 5,000 Ha of degraded land being brought into sustainable agroforestry production, in addition to 1,400 Ha of forest restoration. The project, co-designed with the local smallholder coffee producers’ cooperative, will further contribute to climate adaptation and improved sustainable livelihoods for local communities by diversifying and increasing income-generating opportunities.

The Kuska project is a collaboration between Ecotierra’s Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund and the Central of Cooperatives COCLA  in Quillabamba Province, Cusco, Peru. COCLA, a renowned organization with over 1000 coffee, cocoa, and honey producers, holds immense potential for growth. The primary goal of the Kuska Project is to strengthen COCLA’s position as a leader in developing sustainable coffee, cocoa, and honey value chains.

Through its support, RSCF has enabled Ecotierrra to accelerate and expand its efforts in bringing this opportunity to a successful close and contributed to achieving significant E&S outcomes beyond business-as-usual practices.

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