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  • Type: Agroforestry micro-finance and PE
  • Regional Focus: Latin America
  • RSCF Partner since 2021
  • Support under SL 2 & 3
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Agroforestry joint ventures with cooperatives

Ecotierra is a project developer and investment adviser to the Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund. Ecotierra has over 20 years of experience implementing innovative land-use models that improve farmers’ revenues and livelihoods while restoring and protecting the ecosystems in which they produce.

The Urapi Fund aims to triple the household incomes of producers forming part of the cooperatives the Fund partners with. It is further anticipated that 200 jobs will be created and 25,000 hectares will be reforested through the Fund’s investments. Overall, the impact of the funded projects will lead to over 7 million tons in captured and reduced CO2 emissions.

RSCF is supporting Ecotierra to broaden the Urapi Fund’s investment scope of geographies and project types and accelerate the process of identification and development of investment opportunities with positive contributions to forest restoration.