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  • Type: PE investments in plantations and NbS projects
  • Regional Focus: Latin America
  • RSCF Partner since 2023
  • Support under SL 1
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Native species plantations and agroforestry

Campo Capital is a first-time impact fund manager, with extensive experience in structuring, developing and managing projects in the agricultural, forestry, alternative energy and rural development sectors. The agricultural and forestry projects currently under Campo Capital’s management have achieved the highest environmental production standards. The development of a new fund will allow Campo Capital to scale up its operations across agroforestry and forest conservation activities.

RSCF will support Campo Capital to develop the new 10-year Campo Capital Impact Fund, which has a fundraising target of USD 70 million to deploy in agroforestry and ecosystem conservation projects in Latin America across a 5-year investment period.

The Campo Capital Impact Fund aims to sequester more than 10 million tons of CO2 equivalent through its investments in native forestry species plantations that are expected to produce 1.5 M tons of timber and more 150 K tons of sustainable agricultural products. The fund intends to protect and conserve the diverse ecosystems in which it operates as well as providing employment opportunities for local communities.